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Sober Living in Mississippi


Sober living in Mississippi offers a safe, secure, drug-free environment designed to assist people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. The principle of sober living communities is create a successful transition from intensive addiction treatment to living an independent, self-reliant and sober lifestyle.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome during the recovery process is returning to an environment that is already deeply associated with substance abuse. In order to facilitate sustained abstinence, the recovering person can instead choose to reside in a sober housing community.

By having a place to live that is free of drugs or alcohol, the person learns new ways to cope with life’s stressors while sober. There are no distractions or temptations from familiar people and places associated with using, so the person has time to adjust to a new healthy lifestyle before returning back home to put newly learned sobriety skills into use.

What Happens in a Sober Living Community?

It’s usually required in Mississippi that a person has completed an intensive rehab program before becoming eligible to live in sober housing. The communities are considered a stepping stone between intensive treatments and being released back into independent living.

Residents are required to continue any ongoing therapy and counseling sessions, as required. They are also expected to regularly attend group support sessions as part of ongoing treatment. Most communities within Mississippi also offer access to a wide range of recovery tools and resources designed to help the person stay clean over the long term.

People living in sober communities are obliged to stay abstinent while they’re residing there. Everyone in the community has faced similar challenges and obstacles on their paths to recovery, so the expectation is to hold each other accountable for maintaining sobriety.

Sober living in Mississippi often has strict curfew policies to abide by. Random drug tests may also be conducted at any time to verify that the person has remained abstinent.

Benefits of Sober Living in Mississippi

There are multiple benefits to choosing to live in sober housing after completing rehab treatments. A key step in the recovery process is relearning how to live a healthy, productive lifestyle without turning to drugs or alcohol to escape or self-medicate. Living in a drug-free environment teaches the recovering person new skills and coping strategies needed for living independently.

Residents in sober communities are also expected to be responsible for making financial contributions towards their expenses. Some communities in Mississippi may subsidize rent costs and utility bills, but the person must be responsible for other living expenses. As a result, most people learn to take financial responsibility for themselves, including finding employment. They’re also expected to keep the home clean and tidy, which teaches them to be responsible for themselves and their actions.

Another significant benefit of living in a sober community is the opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships that can last long after treatment has finished. Those people who gain employment or enter education programs can also meet a non-addicted person through work or school, which further boosts confidence and self-esteem. Having access to a non-addicted social network of friends and colleagues makes it easier to remain abstinent once the person returns home again.

While the person resides in sober housing, they are removed from people and places that were strongly associated with addictive substance abuse. The person has the opportunity to learn how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle by putting to use the recovery tools learned in rehab therapy.

Sober living in Mississippi might be the perfect option for your loved one. To learn more, call an addiction specialist today.