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Inpatient Rehab in Mississippi


People with addiction problems throughout Mississippi have numerous recovery programs they can choose from when they decide they need professional help to get well again. The biggest decision they will have to face is to decide whether to seek inpatient rehab in Mississippi. Inpatient rehab facilities in Mississippi have residential units in which people stay while receiving their recovery treatment. The length of these stays varies from one treatment center to another. The majority of residential programs in Mississippi have a minimum stay of several weeks, while many offer longer term programs that can last for months.

The Benefits of Inpatient Rehab in Mississippi

When people sign up for inpatient rehab in Mississippi, they are making a very firm commitment to get better. They essentially remove themselves from the outside world to dedicate themselves to getting better. This is always a better option than outpatient treatment.

With the latter, addicts can face enormous pressures just from their environment. The temptation for them to relapse is so much higher, since they have easy access to drugs or alcohol. In addition, many of them may be sharing a home where other people use alcohol or are taking prescription drugs, and it’s very difficult for addicts not to be tempted in such an environment. This is one problem they will not have in an inpatient facility, where alcohol is completely banned, and the use of prescription drugs is tightly controlled.

Getting Through Withdrawal

Getting through withdrawal is one of the hardest problems addicts have to surmount before they can start on the path to recovery. Not only is withdrawal physically demanding, it is also potentially fatal. Addicts with a long history of abuse, or those who are taking very high quantities of alcohol or drugs daily should never attempt withdrawal without medical supervision.

That is the kind of supervision addicts can get in inpatient treatment facilities. They can get access to medications that make the withdrawal process a lot less painful. Outpatients can also get some medication to help them get clean, but this is very limited, and cannot be adjusted upwards or downwards during the process.

Preventing Relapse

Withdrawal can be a very traumatic and painful stage of recovery, but is only the start of recovery. Addicts will still feel intense cravings for alcohol or drugs when withdrawal is finished. These will eventually taper off in terms of frequency and intensity, but people in inpatient facilities will have access to round-the-clock support in the critical early stages of recovery. That can be the deciding factor in keeping people clean.

Inpatient Rehab vs. Outpatient Rehab in Mississippi

The actual recovery programs that people partake in are the same for both inpatient and outpatient addicts. However, because inpatients remain in the treatment facility, the intensity of the treatment they receive is considerably higher. They also benefit from being surrounded by other people who are going through the same struggle they face.

What Type of Person is a Good Candidate for Inpatient Rehab in Mississippi?

Because these programs are residential, potential candidates must be free to take their place on an inpatient recovery program. This type of rehab is only viable for people who can get the time off work, or who are free from family responsibilities, to attend a residential program. These programs are expensive, so only people who have the financial resources to pay for them are able to use them.

After Inpatient Rehab in Mississippi

Patients will need to adjust to living in the outside world, and they will continue to get cravings for their addictive substance of choice. They are advised to join local recovery groups to minimize the chances of relapse.

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