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Outpatient Rehab in Mississippi



Outpatient rehab in Mississippi offers a range of intensive treatment and therapy for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. There’s no need to check into a residential treatment facility with outpatient rehab treatments, as the person is allowed to go home each day.

However, just because there are no overnight stays involved doesn’t mean outpatient rehab in Mississippi isn’t intensive. The recovering person must attend daily appointments in order for treatments to work, which requires a lot of motivation to recover and plenty of strong support at home.

What Happens in Outpatient Rehab in Mississippi?

People in outpatient rehab in Mississippi are required to check in with an addiction specialist each day, with the exception of weekends and holidays. Medication is monitored and administered by a doctor as required.

The person is also expected to participate in psychotherapy sessions on a regular basis. Therapy works to uncover the reasons behind why the addiction began and what triggered the substance abuse in the first place. Once the reason is discovered, therapy works to solve the problem using other methods and coping mechanisms without the need for drugs or alcohol.

In most cases, individual therapy and counseling sessions may extend for thirty minutes to an hour. Group support counseling meetings may last for an hour.

Inpatient Rehab vs. Outpatient Drug Rehab

A short-term inpatient facility requires the patient to check in to a residential treatment center or into an inpatient hospitalization program for the duration of treatment. The benefit of being admitted into such a treatment facility is that the person has 24-hour monitoring and supervision through the treatment process. The person is also removed from people and places associated with addictive drug use, which reduces the risk of relapse.

By comparison, outpatient rehab in Mississippi allows the person to return home each evening, which is ideal for those with family or work commitments to maintain. However, the freedom to return back to normal life after treatment often means returning to people and places that make it easier to start the cycle of drug abuse again.

Who is a Good Candidate for Outpatient Rehab in Mississippi?

Outpatient programs are best suited to those with a good support network of family and friends, as the temptation to return to people and places associated with drug use is very high during the treatment process. If the person’s home life is not conducive to recovery, it may be worthwhile considering checking into a residential facility instead to remove the temptation.

It’s important that the person truly wants to break out of the cycle of addiction and has a high level of motivation to attend scheduled appointments and meetings for the duration of treatment.

Benefits of Outpatient Rehab in Mississippi

Outpatient treatment programs are more affordable than the higher costs associated with living in a residential facility. Patients also have the freedom to schedule meetings and sessions around work or family commitments, which makes it easier to transition into living a sober lifestyle after treatments are completed.

What Happens after Leaving Outpatient Rehab in Mississippi?

Completing a drug rehab program is a major achievement, but the path to recovery is only just beginning. After leaving outpatient rehab in Mississippi, the recovering person must still maintain a healthy, sober lifestyle over the long term.

Most rehab centers in Mississippi will have good aftercare programs available to continue offering a level of support to people after they leave treatment. Some people may have begun working with alternative therapies during treatment, such as creative therapies, equine therapy, yoga, meditation, or exercise routines. Continued involvement in those can be highly beneficial for reducing stress and managing cravings over the long term.

Continued attendance at 12-step group meetings is also strongly encouraged, as these provide a level of peer support and social interaction that can help to keep motivation levels high. There are plenty of 12-step meetings available in Mississippi. Call a treatment center today to learn more.