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Alternative Treatment in Mississippi
Mississippi Alcohol Rehab


Statistics published by NIAA and SAMHSA reveal that an estimated 217,200 Mississippi residents abuse alcohol or prescription drugs. There is also a high incidence of illegal drug use in Mississippi. Because addiction is an illness, it is often necessary for addicts to seek treatment if they are to live a life without taking addictive substances. Those who try to quit without professional intervention will either fail to get through withdrawal, or they will relapse shortly afterwards.

In Mississippi, there are numerous recovery programs available. These are offered as either inpatient or outpatient programs. Most of these will include standard therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy. These programs are effective at getting addicts to quit, but relapse rates are quite high. However, there is alternative treatment in Mississippi available that help to stave off relapse. Addicts may find one or more of these very useful in helping to resist the cravings they will get when they are clean.

It should be noted that alternative treatment in Mississippi is best used as supplemental therapies to those offered as part of standard addiction treatments. Standard treatments are tried and tested, and alternative treatment in Mississippi is essentially used to reinforce positive behavioral patterns. The following are some of the most widely used alternative therapies.

  1. Biofeedback

Biofeedback therapy is growing in popularity because of the positive results it achieves. It is a way of teaching addicts how they can control their minds and bodies so that they can induce a deep level of relaxation.

Biofeedback involves connecting monitoring devices such as ECG machines to the body. Patients are able to see their brain activity on monitors, and they can also see other indicators like their pulse rate. They are then asked to try to slow down brain activity and heart rate. This enables them to learn control techniques that help them relax. When they become proficient, they are able to achieve the same results without having to be connected to the monitoring devices.

  1. Restorative yoga

Yoga is another very good therapy for helping people to relax, and it also provides a degree of physical exercise, something that is additionally beneficial to addicts. During yoga classes, people learn to coordinate mind and body activity. As they undertake the physical task of adopting various positions, they are also encouraged to think positive and relaxing thoughts. Many people experience a very peaceful sensation after completing a yoga session.

  1. Art therapy

There are many different types of art therapy. People can sign up for classes in painting or sculpture, for example. It has been demonstrated that when addicts get involved in activities like these that release their creative talents, they begin to rebuild confidence and self-esteem. They also become better at communicating because they have developed new ways to express themselves.

  1. Music therapy

This can consist of musical appreciation classes, or it can involve teaching people to play or write music. Everybody has experience of how music can be very effective at changing moods. It can be used as a relaxant or a stimulant. When people learn to play music, they have yet another way of expressing themselves.

  1. Equine therapy

Many addicts become self-absorbed in their quest for drugs or alcohol, and they can forget how to care for others. Working with horses is an excellent therapy for restoring a person’s ability to become responsible and caring.

Alternative treatment in Mississippi helps by getting addicts to develop positive behavior and positive mental attitude. This serves to cancel out the negative traits their addiction will have induced in them. After attending a recovery program, addicts should seek out some of these alternative therapy options.

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